" - Btw all your work is totally amazing, really. I had no idea before. I saw some bits, but that consistent quality and versatility is just wow! "
Thank you, Nela!  
I am Yeve, I am originally from Kazakhstan. An accomplished artist with 10+ years of experience and deep fundamental knowledge of art including color theory, composition, and light. Worked both with companies and individual clients, creating book illustrations, packaging, and graphics for animation. In my work, I use mainly Adobe and Affinity products for 2D and Blender for 3D, and never hesitate to explore new software on the fly if it is required.
My favorite part of work is when I deliver a design to a client and he says "That's exactly it!". 
Along with drawing and designing, I love communication with clients, the process of research, and finding out, what they want. The quality of my work is not the only thing that I leave to speak for itself, I want the communication as well to be positive, constructive, and functional for mutual satisfaction.
When working in 2d I prefer the doodle style and thicc contouring and tend to produce more low poly when making 3d illustrations. The main thing that unites all my work is the rich colors.
Your food labels, packages, posters, or postcards can look even better than they are now. Get in touch and we will hit that road of finding the best solution for your artsy troubles.
I speak English, Russian, Czech, Spanish, and Persian.
I am using
Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, Unreal Engine
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