Illustrated scheme
Making an informative scheme about basics of the space race
Bilingual book layout
Laying out an illustrated book in 2 languages: Persian and Russian.
Limited-Edition bottle of The Glenlivet
Craft an original carton and bottle design for The Glenlivet’s 200-year anniversary
Doodle magic
Because your hands, sketchbook and tablet can produce wonders
Coffee time!
Wake up already! A complex illustration with many details to be possibly taken apart for the patterns and rearrangements
Monday zombies
It's funny because it's true. A cup design.
Car fragrance box design
A package design made for a car salon fragrance. This is an ongoing project curated by *a car company* where they hire vaious artists to design a package for the premium car interior parfume
Spirit of the birch grove
3D version of the mural art made for DM and located in Plzen city
Mural art challenge
Pure beauty made in collaboration with studio Drawetc and DM. Various artists have gathered in thee battle to win a chance to have their art being put on to the wall of Prague and Plzen. And here is the story...
Grannies. Click'em!
A bunch of heartwarming illustrations. Who is grandma's sweety pie?
McDonalds cup special edition #2
My 2nd winning entry for a creative competition. I won over 100 artists and this cup almost went into production, but another design of mine was picked.
McDonalds cup special edition #1
My 1st winning entry for a creative competition. I won over 100 artists and this cup went into production.
Fruttimo label
My entrance for a competition to design a special Fruttimo bottle label. I ended up getting the most voices from the audience, which was fantastic
Logo, illustrations and much more for a Brazilian bar
Once upon a time before corona hit these lands, there was a Brazilian restaurant in Prague called Boteko. NIce steaks, nice samba dancing, and my logo along with this tropical glory.
Erol. Book cover for a Spanish author.
We are looking at you...
...and we are bored. Click to see more grumpy, but adorable 3D ladies that I made in my free time because I am enchanted with the idea of glowing eyes
Just chillin...
Catto Cafe
My 3D NFT collection of funny cats being cosmonauts, hunters, lions, zebras, and other glories of the universe
Dance festival promo materials
Postcard design for a dance festival
Postcards created for a festival of African dance hold in Prague, CZech Republic
What does your grandma's home look like?
Like a warm hug, I guess...
Hands off!
Rocket science
Dr. Death 2020
Fashion illustration
A fantasy book cover
Poster for Prague escape games
These are the advertisement materials prepared for Prague escape games
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